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The Top Four Myths People Believe About Florida Probate

The Top Four Myths People Think About Florida Probate.

1. Probate is expensive.

Probate consists of two expenses: a) Costs, and b) Attorneys fees. Costs involve official filing fees which in Florida usually run between $200.00 and $400.00, depending on the type of probate administration. Other costs include publications expenses which usually run about $200.00. Attorneys fees depend upon the attorney. Some charge a percentage of the value of the assets being probated. Some charge on an hourly basis. Our office charges a flat fee based upon the type of probate administration, number of assets, number of beneficiaries and number of creditors. Our clients prefer our flat fee program because it encourages us to be efficient in the manner in which we handle the matter. Contact our office for a free written quote.

2. Real Estate in probate can't be sold until the estate is completely settled.

Absolutely not true. In fact, real estate can often be sold the same day that the probate is opened. In addition to handling Florida probate matters, I am a Florida Bar Board Certified specialist in Real Property Law. As an expert is Florida real estate law, I'm particularly well suited to quickly and cost-effectively guide you through any Florida probate/real estate transaction.

3. Probate ties up assets for a long time.

This might be true if you pick the wrong attorney to handle your probate. Our flat fee probate service creates an incentive for us to quickly close out your probate because the faster we do it, the more per hour we make. Additionally, there are a number of ways to do partial distributions during the probate process. Each probate is unique. We welcome the challenge of exceeding your probate service expectations.

4. There's nothing good that comes out of probate.

In some states, that might be true. But the provisions of Florida's state constitution and certain Florida statutes dealing with Florida constitutional homestead can allow some estates to avoid, through the Florida probate process, the payment of some if not all of a decedent's debts, allowing the assets of the estate to be passed free of all creditor claims to the decedent's heirs. We've saved many of our clients thousands of dollars though the proper use of the Florida probate process. In those cases, probate doesn't cost, it pays! Contact us to discuss if you can take advantage of these unique and valuable Florida probate rights.

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